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Communicate closely with principals of schools scheduled to receive a Williams site visit.
Update your District IM list to include all subject areas, grades and course titles.
Submit documents on the "District Checklist"; and assist principals in preparing and submitting their school site forms and documents.
Conduct mock site reviews with principals prior to the LACOE site review visits.
Try to join the principal on the actual site review visit day to assist the principal with immediate remediation if any insufficiencies are noted.
To avoid losing the state instructional materials apportionment, be sure to comply with all mandates related to the annual Public Hearing and Board Resolution for sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials.
In the Board Resolution of sufficiency, include a description of the process and information considered by the Board in reaching its conclusions regarding sufficiency.
Include in the Board Resolution of sufficiency, the names of the textbooks or instructional materials, or both, that have been adopted by the Board and were provided to pupils in the district.
Try to schedule the "eight-week" Public Hearing and Board Resolution on sufficiency by the fifth week of the school start date to allow for possible delays, including cancellation or postponement of Board meetings.
Publish the ten-day notice of Public Hearing in compliance with all public notice mandates.
Do not discard texts and instructional materials until replacement texts and instructional materials have been delivered to the district or the school sites.
Communicate closely with the Williams Instructional Materials Unit to share ideas or concerns.
Communicate with Key District Contacts in other school districts to share ideas or concerns.
Share your own helpful tips with the Williams Instructional Materials Unit for posting on this Web site. Email tips to