Prior to the Williams Review:

  • Work with your district Williams Legislation Instructional Materials key contact(s) to complete the District Instructional Materials List. Indicate texts and instructional materials you have purchased for all students in core courses (English/language arts, mathematics, science, history/social science for all school levels plus foreign language and health in middle schools and high schools.) Do not list supplemental materials. If you are using district Board approved Alternative Current Materials (ACM), make sure these materials are included on the surveys.
  • Indicate the full title (not subtitle), author, publisher, date of publication, and ISBN for each text or instructional material.
  • Ensure all required instructional materials for all grade levels and course titles are included in the District Instructional Materials List.
  • Use the "Checklist for School Site Administrators" to ensure all requested forms and materials are submitted to LACOE Williams Instructional Materials Unit prior to the start of school.
  • Check with your district Williams Legislation Instructional Materials key contact(s) to find out whether your faculty will need to complete a Teacher Questionaire (TQ).
  • Perform an enrollment projection, and then assure the appropriate number of texts and instructional materials will be purchased and delivered to the school site prior to the studend start date.
  • Do not dispose of any used core texts and instructional materials until new replacement texts and instructional materials are delivered to your school site.
  • Computerize and monitor your your textbook and instructional materials inventory system.

During the 1st week of school:

  • Review the Williams Legislation with staff.
  • Prepare Williams Legislation orientation packets to be made available for substitute teachers so they will be prepared for a Williams review visit.
  • Review with faculty the District Instructional Materials List, particularly the texts and materials intended for each student to have in class and to take home.
  • Check again to assure all requested forms and documents have been submitted to the LACOE Williams Instructional Materials Unit.
  • Work with your site media/textbook personnel to assure distribution of all instructional materials to students within the first week from the student start date.
  • Review with teachers, students, and parents appropriate policies for replacing lost or damaged instructional materials.
  • Inform teachers of announced visits as soon as possible after you receive notice of the review date.
  • Use the District Instructional Materials List to conduct an internal mock Williams review at the end of the first week of school. Invite your district Williams Instructional key contact(s) to join you in this process.

During the Williams Review:

  • Principals and/or designees should be available to interface with the LACOE Review Team Lead during the school site review. This allows the administrator to address any insufficiencies that can be corrected during the site review.
  • Invite the district Williams Instructional Materials key contact(s) to be on site to assist in correcting insufficiencies should any occur.
  • Provide a textbook display for the LACOE Review Team.

Following the Williams Review:

  • If there are no insufficiencies, congratulate your staff for their collaborative efforts in meeting the needs of students.
  • If there are any insufficiencies, work closely with your district Williams Instructional Materials key contact(s) and your staff members to immediately remediate the situation, and then provide comprehensive data to the LACOE Instructional Materials Unit that verifies remediation.